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The patent pending RATPAC™ (Reconfigurable Armored Tactical Personnel And Collective) training system, by UXB International, Inc. (UXB) is a multi-use, reconfigurable, and portable solution effective for military urban operations and the tactical training needs of law enforcement, special operations, and emergency management personnel. The system provides the perfect addition to Urban Operation Sites (UOS/MOUTs) and is an excellent tool for realistic force-option training including breach door entry and room clearing. When outfitted with special effects instrumentation, this innovative "shoothouse" becomes a "smokehouse" for first responder and fire training.

Military            Special Operations            Law Enforcement            Emergency Management

Unlike the typical container-based villages used in military and law enforcement urban-scenario training, RATPAC's frame and panel modular design allows for interchangeable floor plans and multiple stories. Reconfigurable doors, windows, walls, and stairs can integrate with multiple cameras, lights, microphones, speakers, pop-up targets, smoke, gas, and odors.

The RATPAC is an urban warfare training system designed to match real world situations. This innovative solution includes hallways and enclosed stairwells; balconies and external stairs; closets and crawl space access; breach doors and windows; shoot-through walls for training with simulated munitions; and rooftop access for rappelling.