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"The RATPAC training system gives you the most realistic training you can get without going live."

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Layout & Options

Three-story RATPAC
Three-story RATPAC offers training & after-  
action review  

The RATPAC™ reconfigurable training system is based on a durable design that allows for hard use with minimal maintenance. The tactical system offers literally unlimited floor plans to quickly change the environment. Reconfigure rooms in minutes with one simple tool.

By design, the modules are steel framed with fiber composite walls and roofs, and durable marine-grade plywood floors, which minimize radio interference and enable enhanced through-wall tracking capabilities not previously possible with steel container structures. The composite structure is strong but lightweight and corrosion resistant. The panels are available in solid wall; shoot-through wall, window, and door configurations; as well as COTS breach windows and doors.

Endless building layout options feature open floor plans with large rooms, as well as scalable architecture capable of multi-story buildings. Interior and exterior features can be easily modified for mission rehearsal or to keep training challenging. The RATPAC can be used as a single structure to provide basic skills training at the individual level or integrated into urban villages consisting of multiple structures to train at the squad level.

The RATPAC was developed to interconnect with already existing CONEX box villages but can also be expanded into a myriad of
village components.

  • Vertical Access
  • - Interior / exterior stairs and balconies
    - Vertical ladders
    - Hatches / trap doors

  • Force Entry
  • - Breach doors
    - Breach windows

  • Frame / Panel Construction
  • - Composite wall panel system
    - Quick-connect cam-locks
    - Shoot-through walls
    - Access doors / windows

  • Additional Features
  • - Lights / fans / controlled outlets
    - Rappelling kit