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"In the RATPAC, you learn the difference between cover versus concealment."

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Solutions for Tactical Training

Whether it is the global war on terrorism or the war on drugs and guns in the streets, the RATPAC™ training system is a solution that covers 360 degrees of skill building and education for military close-quarter combat, correction officers, SWAT teams, advanced security agents, first responders, and emergency management personnel.

Military training

Military Training

While container-based urban village scenarios have been in service for several years in the U.S., military trainers are finding limitations to their use from both their lack of similarity to urban settings and lack of flexibility (modules are not easily reconfigured and are seldom changed). The RATPAC's reconfigurable structure allows for a variety of room layouts, and options can also be configured to provide a watch over a rooftop.

Shoot-through walls designed to allow marking cartridges to penetrate provide realism just as live rounds could penetrate real-life walls. The structures can be quickly reconfigured to present urban street scenarios to enable convoy, escort, and checkpoint training.

RATPAC was designed to minimize environmental impact while providing a sustainable training capability. With less-lethal force-on-force training, using biodegradable dye marking projectiles, no lead or other heavy metals associated with small arms training are introduced into the environment.  The system allows for training in urban operations in a safe, affordable, environmentally sound and efficient manner using modular reconfigurable structures.

RATPAC in Military Wraps
RATPAC camouflaged in Military Wraps  

Military Wraps also provide the ability to disguise the RATPAC to replicate a military specific target.

Law Enforcement & Special Operations Training

The RATPAC offers the ability to conduct force-on-force tactical scenarios. With the RATPAC's ability to quickly reconfigure to simulate a specific structure, operators can perform realistic "dry runs" in preparation for a live operation. Trainers can simulate a commercial structure to train for situations such as a robbery-in-progress, active-shooter, or hostage-rescue. The units can be equipped with breach doors and windows to do forced entry training drills.

First Responders Training

The RATPAC can be used as a smoke house for fire training. It also has the
option to pump a variety of smells (meth lab, gas, sewage, and more) into the environment offering a variety of high fidelity training scenarios.